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The Wick, FL


Director:  Jeffrey B. Moss

 Music Direction: Eric Alsford     Choreographer: Jerel Brown    

Scenic Design: Johnne Blessed                     Lighting Design: Kirk Bookman

Costume Design: Costume World                    Sound Design: Zachariah Rosenbaum

                           Wig Design: David Lawrence                   Projection Design: Josieu T. Jean          

Production Stage Manager:  Jeffry George

Starring:  Aaron Bower, Jeffrey Keller, Wayne LeGette, Paul Louis, Mychal Phillips and Lauren Weinberg

Featuring:  Vickie Joleen Anderson, Adolpho Blaire, Bryan Dobson, Caleb Funk,

Michael H. Small, Britte Steele and Billly Vitucci

With: Ryan Corridoni, Abigail Curran, Josh England, Melanie Farber, Whitney Grace, Kevin Hincapie, Quincy Legito,

Scottie Stampone, Jake Trammel and Giorgio Volpe

Adolpho Blaire, Smokey Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees at the Wick Theatre
Damn Yankees-17 - Copy - Copy.jpg
Taking Joe Hardy - Copy - Copy.jpg
Adolpho Blaire, Smokey Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees-09.jpg
Jeffrey B. Moss Director with Adolpho Blaire
Damn Yankees-24 - Copy.jpg
Kimberly Wick and Marilynn Wick
Damn Yankees-23 - Copy.jpg
Lauren Weinberg and Mychal Phillips Actress
Adolpho Blaire character actor
Damn Yankees at the Wick Theatre
Damn Yankees-25 - Copy.jpg
Damn Yankees-30 - Copy (2).jpg
Damn Yankees-26 - Copy.jpg
Wayne LeGette
Jeffrey B. Moss Directs Damn Yankees
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