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Here's a sampling of what the press is saying about Adolpho:

Naples News: Blaire, in particular, is adept at getting the most out of a prance or a 
sashay, bouncing across the stage like a rotund gummy bear.

Broadway World:  Adolpho Blaire is the fun surprise "can't take your eyes off of him" 
character of Roger. Just when his silly antics make you smile he floors you with one heck 
of a singing voice.

The Journal News: "Gaston's sidekick, Lefou, is played by the tumbling, pratfalling 
Adolpho Blaire, in a performance that should be underwritten by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. 
He is all over the place and makes his punishment at the hands of Gaston look so real we 
might worry for his safety in a show that's set to run through August 2nd."

Smithtown Matters: "My favorite performer among this stellar cast was Adolpho Blaire,

who gave an unforgettable performance as Chef Louis.

This part calls for an adept comedic performer, and Mr. Blaire had the audience in stitches."

Broadway World: Blairwas incredible as his son, Franz.  

Franz singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" alongside Regina (Erica Sample) was hilarious,

and one of my favorite parts of the show.


Talkin' BroadwayAdolpho Blaire as Sparky, the jokester of the group,

truly has tremendous comic ability... he lets it run rampant." 

Portland Press HeraldBlaire and Hassert are pure fun as Roger and Jan, with Blaire showcasing his

high vocal range on the duet “Mooning,” delivering classic ’50s vocals.

Naples News: The boys get nosebleeds, hyperventilate and take turns stealing the 
spotlight. Well, except for 
Blaire's delightfully snarky Sparky - the spotlight operator 
hates him, refusing to move the circle of lumens in an amusing scripted bit.

Inside Vero Magazine:  Also watch for the subtle comedic scenes by Mary Martello as 
Miss Lynch; the oversexed cheerleader Patty Simcox played by Tracey Dunn, and the 
more slapstick humor of 
Adolpho Blaire as Roger.  All of the characters held their own 
but these three were standouts in their non-lead roles.

The Theatre Mirror:  
Adolpho Blaire is a hoot as Sparky. He has many hilarious one 
liners in the show. Adolpho displays his topnotch voice in "Gotta Be This or That", 
"Undecided", "Perfida" and his best number, "Catch a Falling Star", a tribute to Perry 


Coastal JournalLaney liked Adolpho Blaire who played Rump.

He was a bit larger than life, expressive and used a lot of physical humor to portray the

stereotyped plump and funny clown of the Burger Palace Boys. He took strategic

care to make his bits work and I’m pretty sure that’s his real hair standing straight up 4 inches.

Broadway World:  Backes, 
Blaire, Pallman and Stevens are first-rate performers, 
amazing vocalists blessed with spot-on comic timing and boundless energy. They work 
seamlessly together to make The Plaids jell as a musical foursome, yet they capture 
distinct traits and quirks to make each character stand out as an individual in the group.

Boca Mag: The actors do a phenomenal job in creating personal and hilarious characters.

They are able to make a relic of the past feel relevant and new.

The well-curated song choices are carried out with such emotion and enthusiasm that

these Plaids deserve to be around forever.

Edge Providence: Stevens is magnificent as the nosebleed-prone, shy Jinx, and Blaire is 
equally pleasant as his quirky half-brother, Sparky.


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